Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter (kind of late!) Part 1

Well today we are recovering from the madenss that is called Easter weekend...it started with a foray into the wilds outside of town as we headed out to the Farm for Good Friday dinner...which was really great! Lemur's Grandma made a delicious ham and we played shanghai rummy (a deadly game when it involves my inlaws!!) Then we came home and Saturday was egg dyeing day! We decided to take an all natural approach this year to easter egg dyeing! and well it was lots of fun. We used beets, red cabbage and tumeric to dye our eggs! And thats kind of what this blog post is about!

Our "recipe" came to us online, I spotted it on a newsfeed on my facebook account (oh facebook how I love you so!)

Step one:
Collect your dye stuffs: you can use any natural items for dyeing the most popular are:
Beets: pink
Red Cabbage: blue
Tumeric: orange yellow
Onion skins: Golden brown
Tea/Coffee: dark brown/black
Spinach: green

Step 2: Add dye stuffs and water into pots and boil for 30 minutes

Step 3: Hardboil eggs

Step 4: put a tired koala bear to bed....

Step 5: add dye stuff to glass bowls (use glass not plastic or the dyes will dye your plastics) and add some vinegar to set the dye (anywhere from 1 tsp to 2 tbsp, the vinegar will change the dye colour a bit so add as much as you want, we used 1 Tbsp for each dye bath)

Step 6: Dye your eggs!! You have to imerse them in the dye and let them sit for are least half an hour up to overnight (no longer then overnight or the vinegar will breakdown the shells) We left ours in for 3 hours

(note the totally awesome woolies on the Lemur :D)

Finished products (these were delegated to becoming deviled eggs for our crazy family dinner for 20 people on Monday)

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