Monday, March 29, 2010

Gluten Free Cornmeal Pancakes

Yesterday we were in the mood for pancakes and we had run out of GF mix so we looked up some recipes and found this one We were very excited because we had all the ingredients for it! but not enough for a full batch lol!

Well we improvised and this is the recipe we came up with:

1 C cornmeal
1/4 C rice flour
1 Tbsp sugar (we tried this and they weren't sweet enough so we added 2 tbsp brown sugar yummm! perfect!)
1tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
3/4 C buttermilk
1/4 C water
1/8 cup vegetable oil
1 egg

Mix the dry ingredients together, mix buttermilk and water together. Add egg and oil to dry ingredients and add milk/water mixture mixing until the right consistancy for pancakes. Cook on the griddle until done :)

These were really yummy, they SMELLED like REAL pancakes! They were a bit dry if you ate them too hot or too cold, they have to be the perfect temperature but with a bit of butter and syrup you wouldn't notice. We are going to try making them with maple syrup as the sweetener or doing them with fruit in them.

Here's some pics!


The Koala enjoying her pancakes

Friday, March 26, 2010

Gluten Free Chicken Strips :)

So again I'm slacking on the blog front! I went crazy with sewing projects and doula stuff and getting ready for events last week and didn't find the time, this week the excuse was I was on vacation! well part of it lol! some of it was doula stuff. Ahhh business...takes away so much blogging time. But anyways I decided that tonight I had to share the recipe for my husband's super awesome chicken strips (gluten free of course!!!) I don't have a picture of them though...The lemur and koala and Mommy & Daddy scarfed them down rather quickly....yep thats right they're all gone! But here's the sort of recipe:

Oat flour
White rice flour
Corn meal
curry powder to taste
cumin seeds to taste
salt and pepper to taste

Other ingredients:
Chicken Breasts

Instructions: cut chicken into strips. Beat eggs and milk together in a bowl to form the "bath" for the chicken. Place the chicken strips into the "bath" and let them sit for a couple minutes while you mix up the coating. Dredge bathed chicken strips in the coating and deep fry until done. (You could probably bake them or fry them too if you were trying to be healthier but we really weren't tonight!)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thought provoking question....working...breastfeeding...oh my!

A friend had this posted as her facebook status this morning asking for help from her mommy friends for a class she is taking: hey, question for the mommies (for class, lol): women have been traditionally told they're the ones who get to be stuck at home with the babies, one of the reasons being that they are the one with the food. supposedly, the availability of formula, breast pumps, etc, is supposed to help free women from this constraint. ...As women who believe in the importance of breastfeeding, what do you have to say about the matter?

Well I happen to be ver opinionated on the matter and probably went on a couple tangents lol! :D

First off I am a breastfeeding mom, I have been in the work force as well as staying home with my children so I've experienced both worlds. I feel that breastfeeding is very important, its one of the fundamentals in my opinion. Breastfeeding is the natural and normal way of feeding your child. I feel that if you are in the position where you can make the choice to stay home with your children you should do it. As a breastfeeding mom I can say without a doubt that it can be detrimental to your breastfeeding relationship to be going to work every day and leaving your child. Sure there is formula out there on the market, but formula makes it too "easy" for a mother to go to work every day. Once you have a baby on formula it dramatically decreases the amount you breastfeed and eventually most women give up breastfeeding all together because this is "easier" then pumping for an hour or more every day to ensure there is enough milk for your child. Some women feel "stuck" so to speak by the confines of pumping and breastfeeding, formula gives them the freedom to do what they want, when they want.

That being said, it IS possible to continue a healthy breastfeeding relationship as a working mom. You have to have the comitment and determination, because let's face it, pumping isn't "easy". But it can be done, for some women who don't have the choice (ie single moms, low-income etc) pumping might be their only way to keep that breastfeeding relationship with their child. There can be other options for some moms such as working from home, bringing your baby to work with you etc.

We happen to live in a country that allows moms to stay at home for the first year with our maternity leave benefits, although for some moms that's not a great option as mat leave payments are only 55% of your gross income, which may not be enough for them to live off of. Or maybe they didn't qualify for maternity leave for whatever reason.

Personally I feel that women SHOULD stay home with their babies for at least the first year if they can. It gives you time to establish a healthy breastfeeding relationship and bond with your child. You don't miss out on all the fun things like first steps, first words etc. Would I enter the workforce full time, if I had a choice? No, I wouldn't. I love being at home. I have currently re-entered the work force as a work at home mom because I feel that it is more important to me to be with my children. Financially we can make it work on one income, and a little extra from my various work at home ventures helps. I don't feel "stuck" at home. I feel that this is the right place for me so I can give my children the best start that I can offer. That means breastfeeding (currently on 13 months of breastfeeding my youngest), spending time with my children (stopping my work to play dragons with my son, or look out the window at the most fascinating things to a toddler or watching my daughter's first steps). These make my days worth it, and I don't regret my decision to stay home with my babies.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Co-sleeping Essay

We never intended on bedsharing with our daughter, we didn't with our son, part of me regrets it but parenting is a learning experince.

I fell asleep nursing my daughter on the couch and woke up thinking this is silly, I can do this in bed. We went to bed and that's where she's been ever since. She's able to nurse when she wants, cuddle when she wants and move away to be independant when she wants. It has definately benefited our breastfeeding relationship, we're going on 13 months now with no signs of slowing down. We nurse on demand and bedsharing has definately assisted with that. We have a great sleeper who has acess to her mommy. We have experienced alot of differing opinions towards our bedsharing, my mother expressed concerns about the saftey, to which we respond with stats and facts that it is safe, and we've shown her our bed set up. While she is quietly still not as in favour of it, at least she accepts that this is what we are going to do and leaves it at that.

Either way, we are doing what we thinks works best for us, its saved us alot of sleep, worry and stress, we were able to catch two severe fevers/illnesses right away. We love her snuggles. She sleeps amazingly most of the time. Is it a conicidence? Maybe, but I'll take what I can get and I will definately bedshare with my next baby as well!
I submitted this post as an entry into the Co-Sleeping Essay Contest. You have a few more days to enter – entries must be received by March 23, 2010 (the deadline has been extended 3 days from the original!). If you submit an entry, please be sure to tell them you heard about the contest here. Here are details:

In 2008, the Great Co-Sleeping Survey was initiated and in just a few months over 9000 parents from all over the world logged on to These parents relayed powerful statements and stories about their bed-sharing experience. The result is a new book titled, “Are You Co-Sleeping? Me Too!” With more than 30 chapters of specific bed-sharing topics, it will provide relief to parents who have been affected by the negativity that often surrounds the issue.


You have the opportunity to be included in the book by producing some short “feel good” essays to head 7 of the chapters. These essays should be written by parents who love or have loved bed-sharing with their babies or children. This opportunity will take the form of a contest/giveaway program. The 7 prospective winners will have their story included in the book. The top essayist will win the Dr. approved bed-sharing aid, The Humanity Family Sleeper, a $200.00 value!


Essays (250 words or less) should focus on the writer’s personal experience with one of the following topics. Bloggers are also invited to enter their own essays. There are no international boundaries, all countries are invited to enter. Prizes will be shipped for free (essays need to be in English).

1. Oppression or negativity they received (Mother-in-law, parents, media, doctors, general society).

2. How bed-sharing enriched their parenting experience.

3. How bed-sharing helped breastfeeding (extended duration, adverse physical limitations, etc.).

4. How they got better sleep.

5. A Dad’s perspective, written by a Dad.

6. How it saved their child’s life.

7. How they intended to use a crib, and chose not to.

Entries need to be received by March 23rd, 2010. Winners will be chosen and announced by April 1st. The grand prize will be delivered to the winning entrant before April 20th. Contestants need to log their entries at

*I heard about the contest from Authentic Parenting. Thanks for spreading the word!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Woolies Galore!

I haven't been very inspired lately to blog about anything but yesterday I was washing most of our wool stash and decided that I would blog about our woolies :)

For those of you who aren't sure what I'm talking about, woolies are all of our wool cloth diaper covers (skirties, longies, shorties etc). Now I have to say this...I LOVE WOOL! Right now the Koala (Miss A) is adventuring around our house in a goodmama (I also love my goodmamas!) with the cutest little black and multi-coloured knit wool skirtie on. I'm going to preach a little bit about the benefits of wool before I get into my stash lol!

Why Do We Choose Wool?

Wool is a natural fiber, which of course we love, its also a greener alternative to synthetic fibers. Wool also is very good at absorbing and drawing moisture away from the skin (if you do alot of camping or hiking thats why you get wool socks to wear :D) and is commonly used in soakers/diaper covers for fitted diapers. It has antibacterial properites which make it great as a diaper cover! I love my wool, some people wonder if it soaks through the wool, well yes sometimes a diaper will soak through, but most wool covers absorb alot before they are completely soaked. I'm so addicted to wool covers, I find that sometimes the Lemur gets a fairly nasty rash from his night time diapers with a PUL cover on, but after a day of frequent bum changes, a little earth mama angel baby bottom balm and a wool cover to allow for breathability the rash has dissipated. Which I love! and plus they look sooooo darn cute! We have soakers, shorties, skirties and longies galore! Right now I have enlsited my mom into making me a felted wool soaker for night times for the Lemur and if it works I'll get her to make me one for the Koala too! Anyways now onto my stash :D :D (This is TOTALLY the best part!!!)

Most of our wool stash drying

close up of some of our stash

The skirtie of the day on the Koala

another of the Koala's skirties (yes it is Invader Zim sheets you see :D they are on the Lemur's bed)

the very first skirtie I ever crocheted for the Koala

Monday, March 8, 2010

Meal Planning

So I'm back after a little hiatus, February was an incredibly insane month for us and I didn't really have any inclination to blog. So now I'm feeling more alive and I think we'll give it a go again! I'm going to start out with a bit about our latest attempt at orginization...Meal Planning!

So last month the hubby and I decided to cut our costs more and stay within a strictly laid out cash budget for groceries. We decided to partially meal plan the month and well we did pretty good, we came in under our $300 semi-gluten free family of 4 budget. This month I decided to take it a step further and I've meal planned most of our month, some of it is specifically planned and others are just the bare "bones" so to speak so that we can still get creative when we want to. We've also planned one Meatless meal per week in an attempt to cut down the amount of meat that our household (ahem...husband) consumes. We did our grocery shop (we do a big shop once a month to get most of the household ingredients and then 1-2 little shops to restock our fresh fruits, veggies etc later in the month) and we came in under $250 for groceries this month with a bit of wiggle room to be able to again restock our fresh produce later. (Wooohooo! look at us go!) The key was to stick to our list! We went through all the flyers and compared prices and made a list accordingly and we stuck to it. We varied off of it for a couple things (like chick peas for hummus) but most of it was spot on. We've also made it a goal to not eat out this month (except for our one possible date night). Which means the hubby has to take lunch from home or come home for lunch, no more fastfood! Anyways thats our attempt at being healthier and cutting our costs. Here's what our meal plan for this month looks like :)Most of our meals are all made completely from scratch :)

March 8th to 13th:

Monday: Shortribs in sauerkraut (crock pot) with veggies and mashed potatoes (extra mashed for tomorrow's meal)

Tuesday: Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie (with NO meat or meat substitute, the recipe called for fake meat but not only is it more expensive, its chock full of GLUTEN...Nasty Nasty! We are doing lots of veggies and mushrooms in it)

Wednesday: Beef Stirfry with noodles

Thursday: Pasta of some sort

Friday: Meatloaf with Broccoli and potatoes

Saturday: Pork chops

Sunday: Roast lamb with mashed potatoes and veggies

March 14th to 21st

Monday: Crock pot Chili (with dried beans)

Tuesday: Pork stirfry with rice

Wednesday: Hamburgers and home made sweet potato fries

Thursday: Pasta

Friday: Veggie Risotto

Sat: BBQ steak and potatoes

Sun: Crock pot chicken

March 22-29

Monday: Beans and rice

Tues: Pasta

Wed: Stir fry

Thursday: Breakfast for dinner! (our favorite thing to do!!)

Friday: Pork chops with rice

Saturday: Pizzas!

Sun: Roast Beef dinner

March 30th to April 5th

Mon: Mexican meal

Tuesday Pork chops with scalloped potatoes

Wed: Corny Pasta (Veggie)

Thursday: Steak

Friday: Pasta

Saturday: Hamburgers

Sunday: Ham