About Lemurkinsmommy and Lemur Daddy

I'm Rosina also known as Lemurkinsmommy...why? Well when our lovely oldest son was born we nicknamed him Lemur, and it just stuck. So Lemurkins means Lemur and kin (his little siblings).

I suppose you want to know a bit about me the mama behind this blog. Well I'm almost 29 years old (Birthday in July!). I have 3 wonderful little ones. Lemur, Koala and Little Bug. I birthed all of them in the hospital, much to my dismay we had no midwives readily available for home births. Each was a greatly different experience and each is a greatly different child but they have all contributed to who I am today.

I am a birth junkie, I love all things birth and baby oriented. In fact I am also a DONA trained and certified Birth Doula here in Lethbridge. I am extremely passionate about helping mamas and their families through the birth process. I am also addicted to cloth diapering and babywearing. We've been doing both for almost 6 years now. I co-lead the local babywearing group (Yayyy! Check out Bridge City Slingers on facebook!) I have a rather large stash of diapers and carriers and some day I will share it with you.

I am learning how to be an advocate for Autism as well. If you haven't read All about Lemur yet then you really should. My beautiful boy was diagnosed with ASD (PDD-NOS) in January 2012. It has been a crazy ride for us and I will do everything in my power to help him succeed.

I also love to be crafty. I knit, sew, crochet, dye, spin, weave etc mostly because it is fun and I love doing it. I made most of Little Bug's newborn cloth diaper and woolie stash. Oh yes I have a little obsession with wool...it's tiny...really I don't have a problem...just don't look at my yarn collection.

I am also crunchy as I can be except shaving my legs...I draw the line there! I can and will be uncrunchy and shave my legs! But we do prefer to use natural products, cloth diaper, shop local and organic, be as self sufficient as possible. I am also a diagnosed Celiac so you may find a bit of blabber about Celiac's disease, gluten free living etc on here.

I have been married to Lemur Daddy for 5 years...yep and we're still together, not killing each other. Seriously I love this man with all my heart, the good, the bad and the horrifically awful jokes.

A bit About Lemur Daddy:

He's an awesome daddy who loves his littles very much! A pretty swell husband who on occasion needs some improvement but really who doesn't?

Lemur Daddy is the handy guy around here, working in the General Contracting field gives him the skills and tools. He works snow removal in the winter... believe me that SUCKS but hey it brings us money and puts food on our table so we deal.

He's a huge geek...we frequently have gaming nights at our house, DnD, Magic the Gathering and now recently we've added Munchkin to our list of go to fun things to do. Get him talking about his fave superheroes, TV shows, movies etc lets his inner geekiness shine through. One of his faves: Firefly...if you've never watched it, then you should. Just go now, it's on netflix.

Lemur Daddy is also a lover of food, especially all things Bacon and Cheese related. He loves to cook (I hate to clean up after him though) and frequently goes all out and cooks some awesome meals. Lately he has really gotten into BBQing and smoking...to the point that last weekend we had 10 lbs of smoked beef and sausages for 4 people.

Well that's us in a nutshell...we're seriously more in depth then this though, just get to know us and you'll see!

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