Friday, May 20, 2011

Annnd....We're BACK!

Well we're back! Its been a few months but I kind of got out of the blogging phase for awhile (fell off the wagon so to speak!) But we're back, and still on a day to day adventure. Here's an update on our lives:

Lemur- He has been going to pre-school twice a week, somedays are great, somedays not so much...Pre-school is almost over for the year and he will be going back in the fall for 5 days a week. We will see how that goes but we might cut it back a little. His speech has improved considerably but it definately still needs some work, his behaviours are still so-so. Some days it is really hard to deal with him other days he's really good. Sensory wise we're still at the same spot, he bites himself, chews on random things, drools alot etc. We are working on getting him into a pediatrician to see if we can go forward with a diagnosis. On the other front, he's growing like crazy, happy and such a sweet little boy. He absolutely loves to do puzzles and he's started doing tons of imaginative play!!! He has such a wild imagination, you never know what we will be doing next, we might be digging for dinosaur bones or slaying dragons or baking a birthday cake!

Koala- She is growing like a weed and turning into such a little girl. Her speech is amazing for her age, her newest word is "Carbohydrate" She loves to play with her babies, she's quite the little mommy. She's also rough and tumble, loving dirt and bugs as much as picking flowers. She'll wear a pretty dress but at the end of the day you'll find her right in the dirt next to the Lemur. She is still breastfeeding (We made it past the 2 year mark!!!) although we have now started down the path of weaning. Mostly we nurse at nap time, bedtime and at night. I'm a bit sad that my baby is growing up but I look forward to our new adventures as a toddler and a big girl.

Mama- My life has been extremely busy, I've been busy doing work for our local Doula association (check out, knitting, crocheting and sewing up a storm all while balancing life with the Lemur and the Koala. Right now I'm working on a colour swap package going out to a very special crafty person in the US. It's a surprise swap so SHHHH! I'm crocheting a nicey lacey cowl made out of Alpaca and have some gorgeous buttons from Tessa Ann Designs (custom made!) to put on it. I'll share a pic when its finished. I'm also trying to finish off a little red riding hood cape for Koala. I have a lovely stash of other yarn sitting here waiting for projects. There is some lovely stuff waiting to be knit up into a present for a wonderful Mama Friend and her brand new baby boy! and some more waiting for another Mama Friend who has yet to have her sweet little baby.

Mr. Daddy- He has been busy working...working and more working...Snow season was rough on us all this year, Lethbridge got a crazy amount of snow and he was gone alot but we made it through. I think the best parts of our day is when Mr. Daddy gets home from work and takes some time to play with the munchkins. He is teach Lemur how to ride a bike! Lemur has figured it out pretty quickly and I'm very proud of both of them.

Well that's our update! stay tuned for more of our adventures in Lemurland!

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