Saturday, May 21, 2011

How Does your Garden Grow?

Well it's the Long Weekend up here in Canada! We were supposed to go camping but that got cancelled due to the possiblity of alot of rain where we were headed (me, Mr. Daddy, Lemur, Koala AND the grandparents all stuck in a teeny tiny Motorhome all weekend is not my idea of fun!) So Mr. Daddy headed off to Regina to help out a friend (Regina is about an 8 hour drive) so he's gone for the weekend leaving me in charge at home. And well as you can see we are all still here, the Raptur didn't happen and it gave me a chance to get started on my gardening. I grew up on an acreage and we always put our garden in on the Long Weekend in May. So I'm carrying on that tradition. Now I did cheat a little bit and the front "flower" beds were planted last week. But today before he left Mr. Daddy brought me a truck load of dirt (happiest girl in the world right now!).

I set up tonight to get started creating my gardens, we have to do container gardening because we rent and there is no place to put an actual garden in. After a quick adventure to Walmart (GASP!) to get some landscaping fabric...and a few plants...We were in business. Lemur, Koala and I got busy in the backyard. My containers are two semi beat up kiddie pools that we had laying around from last summer. I poked holes in the bottom to help with drainage, lined them with landscaping fabric and then filled them with dirt. Man you should've seen me, I was barefoot in the back of a truck scooping out dirt by the bucket full into the wheelbarrow while trying to convince Lemur that he should not Climb into the back of the truck with me. On my second trip with the wheelbarrow, the Neighbours across the street asked if I wanted a shovel because it looked like I needed one. Actually the bucket method was working pretty well for us and I had a shovel already but it was nice of them to offer. They commented on my adorable helpers (Lemur and Koala). So we busied ourselves filling the kiddie pools with dirt. The munchkins had fun scooping up dirt with their buckets and "helping". It was a grand time! Lemur and Koala also collected some earthworms and tossed them into our gardens.

Well we got the dirt in and started to plant. This was interesting, Koala helped put the seeds in, she was a little overzealous with the peas but hey, who doesn't like fresh peas? Anyways we got everything planted except our strawberry plants which we shall do tomorrow. Here's a list of whats in our garden this year:

Front Gardens:
East- Lettuce, Spinach, Dill, Chammomile, Basil, Lavendar, Rosemary, Chives, Garlic Chives, Parsely, Sorrel, Candy Mint, Cinnamon Basil, Italian Oregano.

West- Onions, Garlic, Sunflowers (at the very back), watermelons, and a cucumber plant.

Container Gardens:
Big pool- Peas (still have to add our fence for them to climb on), carrots, beets
Little Pool- Pumpkins, Spaghetti Squash, zucchini, cucumbers

4 tomato plants

And there you have it, our gardens for the year, we have some strawberry plants as well that I need to build a box for still. What's in your garden?

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