Thursday, March 11, 2010

Woolies Galore!

I haven't been very inspired lately to blog about anything but yesterday I was washing most of our wool stash and decided that I would blog about our woolies :)

For those of you who aren't sure what I'm talking about, woolies are all of our wool cloth diaper covers (skirties, longies, shorties etc). Now I have to say this...I LOVE WOOL! Right now the Koala (Miss A) is adventuring around our house in a goodmama (I also love my goodmamas!) with the cutest little black and multi-coloured knit wool skirtie on. I'm going to preach a little bit about the benefits of wool before I get into my stash lol!

Why Do We Choose Wool?

Wool is a natural fiber, which of course we love, its also a greener alternative to synthetic fibers. Wool also is very good at absorbing and drawing moisture away from the skin (if you do alot of camping or hiking thats why you get wool socks to wear :D) and is commonly used in soakers/diaper covers for fitted diapers. It has antibacterial properites which make it great as a diaper cover! I love my wool, some people wonder if it soaks through the wool, well yes sometimes a diaper will soak through, but most wool covers absorb alot before they are completely soaked. I'm so addicted to wool covers, I find that sometimes the Lemur gets a fairly nasty rash from his night time diapers with a PUL cover on, but after a day of frequent bum changes, a little earth mama angel baby bottom balm and a wool cover to allow for breathability the rash has dissipated. Which I love! and plus they look sooooo darn cute! We have soakers, shorties, skirties and longies galore! Right now I have enlsited my mom into making me a felted wool soaker for night times for the Lemur and if it works I'll get her to make me one for the Koala too! Anyways now onto my stash :D :D (This is TOTALLY the best part!!!)

Most of our wool stash drying

close up of some of our stash

The skirtie of the day on the Koala

another of the Koala's skirties (yes it is Invader Zim sheets you see :D they are on the Lemur's bed)

the very first skirtie I ever crocheted for the Koala

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