Friday, March 26, 2010

Gluten Free Chicken Strips :)

So again I'm slacking on the blog front! I went crazy with sewing projects and doula stuff and getting ready for events last week and didn't find the time, this week the excuse was I was on vacation! well part of it lol! some of it was doula stuff. Ahhh business...takes away so much blogging time. But anyways I decided that tonight I had to share the recipe for my husband's super awesome chicken strips (gluten free of course!!!) I don't have a picture of them though...The lemur and koala and Mommy & Daddy scarfed them down rather quickly....yep thats right they're all gone! But here's the sort of recipe:

Oat flour
White rice flour
Corn meal
curry powder to taste
cumin seeds to taste
salt and pepper to taste

Other ingredients:
Chicken Breasts

Instructions: cut chicken into strips. Beat eggs and milk together in a bowl to form the "bath" for the chicken. Place the chicken strips into the "bath" and let them sit for a couple minutes while you mix up the coating. Dredge bathed chicken strips in the coating and deep fry until done. (You could probably bake them or fry them too if you were trying to be healthier but we really weren't tonight!)

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