Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's been awhile...

Well its been awhile since I updated the blog. Life got away on us and went crazy. So here we are in September and we've found ourselves in new uncharted territories. Over the summer we took the Lemur for a speech assesment because we were noticing some delays in his speech and language. Well one thing has led to another and we've exploded into assesments and appointments for everything. AHHHHHH!

It turns out that Lemur has a severe delay in his speech and language and ranges from 12-36 months on most things. We've been working with him at home and he's showing some improvement which is great. He is also going to Pre-school at a wonderful school and we've heard from his Teacher that he will have an aide fairly soon and he gets to do his speech therapy through the pre-school.

Our wonderful speech path at the CARE center suggested we get him some other assesments as well and we've proceeded to do an OT asessment where our OT has said he has a Sensory Processing Disorder and also that he has some low muscle tone which could be attributing to some of the other things we've noticed.

We also met with our behavioural therapist as well today and she said that he has a mixture of speech, sensory and behavioural things going on and that he's a bigger puzzle. That being said we have our first home visit with her in two weeks.

It's been a really crazy ride since June when we took him for his first speech assesment. There's always been things that we thought weren't "right" but we just thought that they were just his little quirks. Its overwhelming right now and I feel like everything is spinning out of control but also I think there's a light at the end of the tunnel. As crazy and overwhelming as it all seems I'm reassured in some small way because we are finally getting the help and support we need to learn how to deal with the day to day challenges of raising Mr Lemur. I'm really excited to be working with our "Team" his therapists are wonderful ladies and have been really  nice and really helpful the couple times we've met with them. The next step on our adventure is to consult with a Pediatrician to rule out any chronic conditions that might be causing issues.

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