Sunday, November 8, 2009

Boobs, Babywearing and Cloth Diapering Oh My!

I went to a craft sale this weekend with a friend and my mom to display some of our WAHM made wares and hopefully sell things (we sold 1 item but at least that's better then nothing!) And I had little A with me, of course I had my wrap with me and she was in the most adorable longies with a princess crown on the bum and a cloth diaper. My friend and I ended up spending most of our time talking to some wonderful pregnant mamas about cloth diapering and dispelling the "old school" thoughts on cloth diapering from our Grandparents and parents generations. It was rather enjoyable, we also got to chat about birth (another of my favorite topics that will pop up here one day) and babywearing. Now babywearing, cloth diapering, breastfeeding etc are relatively clandestine "hippie" activities in our community, although they are becoming more mainstream. It always amuses me and fills me with joy when I go out in public and put little A in the wrap. I always and I mean ALWAYS have an audience of fascinated bystanders whatching what I am doing.

Yesterday wasn't an exception. In this case I had several sweet little grandma types who were not only fascinated with what I was doing but quite taken with the beautiful little girl in the wrap. We met one wonderful little old lady and I hope someday that I will be similar to her (she was quite amazing). She wanted all the information she could glean from us on cloth diapers, mama cloth, babywearing, breastfeeding etc because in 4 years she might have great grandbabies and she had to be prepared for that fact! She was particularily taken by my wrap. She (along with all the others) were amazed that within minutes of little A going into the wrap she was sound asleep and remained that way for a couple hours. She also had to learn how I was wrapping her. So once little A woke up I ended up in the middle of the craft sale giving an impromptu babywearing lesson. She was so tickled and excited that she had to write it all down and go home, find a piece of fabric and a doll and try it herself. For me it was an amazing experience. And it got my friend and I talking and we decided that there are 3 main things that make my baby happy :) Boobies, babywearing and cloth diapering.

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  1. How fun! Before my mother passed away, she too became a learner.. watching me, asking questions, and sharing with her (elderly) friends. It was so much fun. I'm glad for you and your experience.