Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Diaper Free Baby...oops!

**Warning** This post contains poop related if you don't think you want to hear about baby poop then don't read this post :)**

So we have a tradition in our household, first thing in the morning little A gets to roam diaper free. She loves to be naked and this way she gets to air out after night time. Well this morning as usual she was roaming around the living room diaper free, I don't worry if we get a little bit of pee on the floor because we clean our floors on a regular basis, and she was having a grand time, giggling and babbling as she went on her many adventures...and then I realized that there was poop, so obviously I check on L first because well he's the usual suspect for early morning poops. Surprise it wasn't him, (we really need to start PLing soon). So I look over and here's little A sitting there with the hugest grin on her face and poop smeared everywhere! Not only had she pooped on the floor but she decided it was to be a great game and play in it too. Oh the joys of babies! It's all cleaned up and she's had a bath, which L insisted he needed one too...the joys of toddlers...So both kids bathed, and roaming free...maybe I shouldn't make this mistake again! Off to go find them clothes and diapers!

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