Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our Story

I decided to create this blog to share the many adventures we have in Lemurland with our two wonderful beautiful munchkins (L & A our little Lemur and our little Koala Bear). L just turned 2 in August and A is 8 months old. They are 18 and a half months apart. Parenting 2 under the age of two is not easy! Every day is a new adventure, from crayon pictures all over your floor to a screaming teething baby, you name it we've experienced it. We are very much attachment parenting oriented and a as green as we can get on a limited budget family. So we find that people come to us with questions like why do we cloth diaper? how do you do it? How the heck do you find time for everything? and it is my hope that I can share some tips and advice and answer those questions.

A little about us....

Well where to start... I'm a crunchy slightly backwards eccentric work at home mommy of two munchkins who are 18 and a half months apart. I have my own small home business that I started with a dear friend of mine. We sew, crochet etc a vast variety of products such as cloth diapers, wool shorties, longies, skirties, nursing covers, receiving blankets and beyond. I'm kind of a craft addict! I also spin and weave as well! I'm a Birth Doula in training, and I'm working hard to complete my certification. I'm married to a wonderful man who I consider to be my best friend and he's such an amazing, loving, caring, slightly annoying, pain in the butt, overly geeky, awesome daddy! Our two munchkins are our greatest joy and our greatest trial. L is very much a little monkey, from the moment he was born he has been the most difficult child, from not sleeping to colic, to breastfeeding issues, to the most terrible of terrible two's each day has posed new challenges. A is a little angel, she's our miracle who we weren't expecting, and such a dream compared to her brother. She loves to cling and snuggle in the wrap or sling, so she's our little koala bear. I love both of them equally, I'm not sure that I can even express in words how I feel about my children. They are so amazing and I'm blessed that I get to see them grow into wonderful individuals.

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