Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why Cloth?

I get asked this question so many times...My answer is very dependant on the person who asked the question as it leads to more questions or comments from eeewwww that's disgusting! to Isn't that alot of extra work? But I will share my reasons for cloth diapering with you.

Why Do I cloth diaper my children?

Well first and foremost I guess its the cost factor, we are on a very tight budget, and using cloth diapers with two children in diapers definately saves us around $200 a month not having to buy boxes of disposable diapers and wipes because we went through alot of diapers and we were buying boxes every two weeks at least. Don't get me wrong, cloth diapers have a significant start up cost, but for us in the long run they were the cheaper alternative.

It's also the green factor! I can reuse cloth diapers over and over again, and use them for more then one child, plus they aren't filling up the landfill. And with cloth diapers I know that there aren't a bunch of weird chemicals against their skin.

The Cuteness factor- cloth diapers are cute! not only are the cloth diaper bums super cute, but the diapers themselves are adorable. I have diapers that match outfits, diapers just because they are cute, A has a Tinkerbell diaper just because I love Tink and L has a pirate diaper and darn that one is adorable!

What about Convenience? Isn't it a pain to cloth diaper when you go out? What about ALL that extra laundry?

A lot of people think that cloth is more inconvenient because you need to wash and dry diapers all the time. In a household with two children in diapers, we only need to wash diapers every other day, that’s one extra load of laundry added to the laundry we are already doing. And besides if you run out of diapers you just throw them in the washer. You don’t have to worry about running out to the store to buy more when you suddenly run low. (and believe me in the middle of winter with 3 feet of snow on the ground and a blizzard outside you can be VERY grateful that all you need to do is throw a load of laundry in!) Cloth is also just as convenient for going out of the house as well. With products available like travel sized wet bags and bio-degradable diaper liners, cleaning up a diaper in public is a breeze!

Little A in a Goodmama Dipe!


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  1. Welcome to the blogging world.
    Great post. I love my cloth also even though many people around me think that I am crazy, but I dont know how doing something that has been done for many, many years is crazy.
    I keep stopping by if you dont mind.
    You can read about me and my family at www.lilmamakaren.blogspot.com