Monday, January 18, 2010

Babywearing and older babies

I had an email from a mama friend today which inspired me to right this blog post. Is it ever too late to start wearing your baby?

Well no not really...Babywearing does not have to start with a newborn. There are many benefits to wearing a newborn but this post is about older babies.

I started babywearing with L when he was 4 months old, before that I had no idea that there was anything out there besides the awful snuggli that we had. It was uncomfortable and L hated it. I discovered it quite by accident because I saw a mommy in one of our baby groups who had a stretchy wrap and from there I started searching. Of course when I got the wrap I had absolutely no idea what to do with it. I read over the instructions and went Huh!? what!? I tried it out while L was napping (I used a teddy bear to try out the ties) well that didn't work so well so I just winged it and we figured it out sort of...I was so excited because he actually liked it! Then I discovered our local babywearing guru! (she's an amazing lady! you should check out her website and I also discovered that it was called babywearing and there weren't just strechy wraps...there were gazilions of differnt types of carriers out there...and an Addict was born (but that's another story haha!)

Ok so what are the benefits of babywearing with an older baby?

Well I could probaby pull up a ton of research about babywearing with an older baby (anyone with google can do the same) and I could preach boring facts and studies. But I figure I will tell you what my top 5 benefits are.

1. Being close to your baby...remember when your newborn baby used to snuggle in right to your chest and fall asleep and it gave you the best feeling in the whole entire world? Well you can get that back with babywearing! There's no better feeling in the world then when after a long day of a fussy teething baby who won't calm down, and you finally bring out the wrap and the snuggle in right to your chest listening to your beating heart and breathing and they go to sleep.

2. Hands Free...With many different carriers you can wear your babies on your front, back or hip. If you need to get supper done and your toddler is screaming for attention but you just don't have time, well you can toss them up on your back in a carrier and they get the attention they are needing and your hands are free to finish supper, laundry or whatever. **Please note that it is not safe to cook with a baby on your front or your hip, if you have to cook, please practice putting your baby on your back so that they are away from sharp knives and hot things**

3. Keeping track of your little know those times that your little walker doesn't want to sit in the stroller but doesn't want to walk either? In those situations there's another option but carrying them without putting alot of stress on your body. Carriers are ergonomicaly designed to be comfortable for you and your little one when used properly.

4. Tantrum avoidance...this is one that I use alot when its time to leave the park. If I put L in sling and we avoid the screaming that usually happens when it is time to go.

5. Last but not least It's also a GREAT work out! No I'm serious, go for a long walk with a 30lb toddler on your'll definately feel it at the end!! Some places have exercise classes specifically designed for babywearing mamas! From bootcamp type strength training to belly dancing and everything in between!

Well there you have it, my top 5 benefits for wearing an older baby. Its never too late to start, even with a 2 year old the benefits of babywearing are still there.


  1. What wraps vand or slings do you recomend??

  2. hmmm I have so many favorites but for wraps I absolutely reccomend the didymos wovens! I love mey woven wraps sooo much, they are so versatile because you can use them for front, back or hip carries from newborn and up. As for slings I love a good ringsling, I have a pouch and a couple ring slings and I have to say that the ringsling is by far my favorite because it is adjustable.