Friday, January 22, 2010

Eye Openers

Today my BFF and I decided that we needed a "break" from our we stuck her poor husband with our two 2 yr olds and her 9 year old and literally RAN AWAY! We took the baby of course, it would be mean of us to leave her too lol! So we decided to go walk around walmart (of all places we chose walmart). Oh how I wish we were in an economic position where we didn't really have to shop at walmart for things, but let's face it we're poor enough that some of those deals at walmart really do save us money. But as we were walking around we started to REALLY take a look at things...from the cheap plastic tupperware like containers to the expensive for walmart "organic, green and holistic" things. We got chatting about what we wanted to do to help our households become even greener. We're already making an impact by reducing, reusing, recycling, buying organics and whole foods, making alot of our own foods etc. We do have to commend walmart though on their ever growing selection of gluten free healthy alternatives. Their organic section is getting fairly large and there is quite a bit to choose from. (AND it is cheaper then at some of the natural food stores here). But we came up with a couple of ideas of more things we can do to reduce our impact and make our homes greener. My BFF has a goal to remove all the plastics from her home this year. With all the concerns about BPA, pthalates etc she decided that she would go towards the glass and metal storage containers. Another idea that we came up with was to investigate doing the 100 mile challenge...We really think it would be interesting to do it, especially on a gluten free and low-dairy diet. It would be harder for us but we think that later this year (if our husbands agree) We want to give it two months and see how it goes.

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