Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In search of the elusive awesome nighttime diaper

I have heard rumours that this magical amazing night time diaper does exist...but what diaper is it? Well for every baby its a different diaper. For Little A we have found that awesome night time diaper! We have discovered that the happy hempy stuffable pocket diaper works really well on her. I stuff it...and I mean stuff it! Last night she had 4 soakers in that thing and she could barley move because it was so stuffed. But we really like it,hemp is very absorbant and with 4 layers of microfleece doublers in it...well lets just say that sucker holds everything! That being said someday I'd love to try the goodmama goodnights, maybe next month I can convince my hubby to let me buy one to test out on L as we have yet to find a night time diaper that can last for him.

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  1. Oooh I'm on the hunt too! I haven't heard of those nappies as I'm in Australia, but SB is trying out Bambooty night nappy and a Sandman nappy. He drinks alot and is a heavy wetter. As we are doing EC, he often wakes dry, and pees when he gets up in the toilet (17 months) but other times he leaks all over the bed.