Saturday, January 16, 2010

Photography, parties and birthdays oh my!

Today I am very excited, I am getting to do a photo shoot with a local photographer, its the first part of our shoot. We are doing family picutes with L and A and the Hubby tomorrow (pray the weather holds out!) and we are planning on doing a small breastfeeding photo shoot today...why breastfeeding? well because I've secretly been dying to have a beautiful spread of photos to celebrate breastfeeding (oh I know I'm weird haha!) Our photographer is very excited to work with us and us with her. We wanted pictures that capture "us" and that means capturing us as a babywearing, breastfeeding and fun loving family. If you want to check out work done by our photographer go to She does an absolutely amazing job I can't wait! After the photoshoot today we're going out with some friends (kid free! A is staying at home with a dear friend and L is visiting Grandma and Grandpa for the day) then its off to a birthday party for a very very dear friend. I get to bake her a birthday cake today (Gluten and Dairy free!!!) we'll see how that goes, I might have to blog about it tomorrow lol! And she has requested that we do some family photos for them :) so I get to break out my rebel and play around and have some fun! I might post a sneak peak later on too!

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