Friday, January 15, 2010

Positive Affirmations

I was doing some research last night into positive birth affirmations (no I'm not pregnant :P) I'm a birth doula in training and I thought that including an exercise in positive affirmations in my prenatal meetings might help some of my clients prepare for the birthing process. As I started to dig into the positive affirmations I discovered that hey these don't have to just be about birth! I got really excited about this, I have a client who I am sort of pre-doulaing on her journey to getting pregnant (please send all the healthy, happy fertility vibes you can her way!) and I found her some positive affirmations for getting pregnant along with her "homework" of finding some of her favorites and and using them every time she is getting frustrated. Then last night I was doing some thinking and I decided that I need some positive affirmations in my life. Lately there has been alot of stress, drama etc and I have felt a need to take a step back from it all and breathe. So I am going to use positive affirmations to do just that! My goal is to use at least one positive affirmation a day. Today's positive affirmation is "This too shall pass" in regards to the fighting and squabbling of my two munchkins over toys. It made me take a step back and breath and not yell at them for fighting, I was able to be rational and work with them to solve the issue. I am a reacter more so then a thinker and I'm hoping that it helps me to stop and take in the situation and find a better way of dealing with it, and as I would do for my clients...Can you think of 1 positive affirmation you can use in your day to day life?


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